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ABUS MonTrailer Enduro Helmet 山地車頭盔

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德國品牌 意大利製造😏


M 55-58cm 380g
L 58-61cm 420g

· 顏色:叢林綠 
· 材料:減震頭盔(EPS)

  • In-Mold 採用減震頭盔材料 (EPS) 與外殼實現持久連接
  • 馬尾辮兼容性:頭盔非常適合長頭髮
  • 5個進風口和7個出風口與流道相連,通風良好
  • 半封閉塑料環連接到調節系統,以實現最佳穩定性和形狀適應性
  • 底部邊緣保護:保護頭盔免受外部影響
  • ActiCage:EPS 中集成的結構加固以優化穩定性
  • Zoom Ace:帶有防滑調節輪的微調調節系統,可實現個性化貼合
  • GoggFit:確保眼鏡的安全定位並在不使用時提供存儲空間

The MonTrailer meets the demands of a comfortable helmet for all those who do not want to compromise on safety.

As demands on the trail become ever greater, demands on equipment and associated protection requirements also increase.

The MonTrailer offers this increased need for protection and a multitude of well thought-out features for off-road use. This mountain bike helmet is light, extremely well ventilated and incredibly comfortable and is perfect for racing or everyday trail tours. The robust MonTrailer has extra stability through the ActiCage construction, in which a structural reinforcement integrated in the EPS is applied.

  • In-Mold for a durable connection with the outer shell with shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Ponytail compatibility: Helmet well suited for braided hairstyles
  • Good ventilation with 5 air inlets and 7 air outlets connected with flow channels
  • Semi-enclosing plastic ring connected to the adjustment system for optimum stability and form-fitness
  • Bottom edge protection: Protects the helmet from external influences
  • ActiCage: Structural reinforcement integrated in the EPS to optimise stability
  • Zoom Ace: Fine-adjustable adjustment system with non-slip adjustment wheel for individual fit
  • GoggFit: Ensures safe positioning of glasses and provides storage space when not in use